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News from the year 2010



SOFIMUN FOUNDATION IS 1 of the 20 founding members of the Bulgarian Global Network Compact Network - The Association Global Compact Network Bulgaria.


The SOFIMUN Foundation was invited to take as a founding member of the Bulgarian Network of the UN Global Compact.

Association Global Compact Network Bulgaria was founded on 10 September 2010. 20 leading companies and organization, members the the UN Global Compact became founders of the new association. The new association selected its first National Council and Control Council:


National Council

1. Overgas Inc.

2. VM Finance Group

3. TNT Bulgaria

4. Asarel Medet Ltd.

5. Eurobank EFG (Post Bank Ltd.)

6. Bulgarian Charity Aid Foundation

7. Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum

Countrol Council

1. Kaolin Ltd.

2. Association Integra

3. Ecopak Bulgaria Ltd.


Mr. Sasho Donchev, Overgas Inc was selected as a Chair.

The network will work as a neutral platform, uniting companies and organizations, which having joined the principles of the UN Global Compact, have made their commitment to be socially responsible and to work towards the improvement of the quality of life.

The members of the UN Global Compact, who wish to join the Association Global Compact Network Bulgaria should send an application form to the National Council.

More about Association Global Compact Network Bulgaria: http://www.unglobalcompact.bg



Founding meeting of Association Global Compact Network Bulgaria




The logo of Association Global Compact Network Bulgaria






SOFIMUN FOUNDATION BOARD MEMBER TO BE SEcretary-general of bismun 2011

Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev, Executive Director of SOFIMUN Foundation, will steer the Model UN in Bucharest

The SOFIMUN Foundation continues to make valuable input in the sphere of youth simulations of international and regional organizations. After having the 1st Bulgarian Secretary-General - Ms. Kristina Kovacheva, to preside over the MOSTIMUN 2010 event, today Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev (Executive Director of SOFIMUN Foundation) accepted the official invitation from the BISMUN Association (Bucharest International Students Model United Nations) to be the Secretary-General of the BISMUN 2011 conference. Mr. Mandradjiev was chairperson of the Security Council simulation at BISMUN 2010 and now he is granted with the responsibility to steer the proceeding of the Model UN in Bucharest. The BISMUN 2011 is under the high-patronage of the Romanian Senate. The SOFIMUN Foundation sponsored and supported the previous 2 editions of BISMUN back in 2008 and 2009 and now the conference is steadily approaching more and more participants in the region and beyond the continent.

The SOFIMUN Foundation wishes Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev a team full of professionalism and good luck.



Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev, Secretary-General of BISMUN 2011




At the Diplomatic Club of Bucharest with foreign dignitaries and Romanian state officials at a special dinner for the BISMUN 2010 event







Bulgarian engineer forms the idea for the UNO in the beginning of the 20th century

 Nikola Dymkoff is a Bulgarian engineer and notable public figure, author of the book “Star of Concord” (“Etoile de la Concorde”) - project for the creation of a world organization which will ensure peace, stability, scientific and cultural development between nations and of the mankind. Dymkoff completes his work in and publishes in French, German, Turkish and Greek. Through the foreign embassies in Constantinople, he manages to send the book to many world leaders, including the American president Thomas Wilson. According to Wilson’s biographer, Baker, based on this book, the president later creates his notable 14 points for peace of the world, which are now popular as the foundations of the United Nations.

Dymkoff’s project is a result of his personal disillusionment with the wars as a way to attain political objectives. He proposed the creation of a world organization of accord and friendship, to be administered by a Standing council. And he divided this council into three – political, religious and legal, whose members would be unconditionally independent. The progressiveness of his ideas noted by president Wilson turns Dymkoff’s dream is reality- the United Nations. Now Dymkoff is recognized as the forefather of the organization, thus very little is known about him. The popularization of the remarkable contribution of Nikola Dymkoff to the world is one of the SOFIMUN Foundation projects.

Website: www.nd.sofimun.org



The Nikola Dymkoff Project




eng. Nikola Dymkoff at the age of 70








The SOFIMUN Foundation is proud to announce that has been elected to form and lead the National Committee of the Republic of Bulgaria to celebrate the International Year of Youth, initiative of the United Nations - 12 August 2010 – 11 August 2011.

At this moment, the SOFIMUN Foundation is searching for youth organizations, young leaders and volunteers wishing to contribute to the founding, organization and implementation of various youth related activities that correspond with the guidelines of the International Year of Youth.

The projects and initiatives are to be realized on a local and national level in Bulgaria. However, the international participation is a valuable asset not only to the initiatives but to the general implementation of the project worldwide.

If you’re interested in participating, please contact us at:

Head of the National Committee - Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev - Executive Director

Contact at: mandradjiev@sofimun.org

Website - to be launched soon



International participants at a celebration of an International Year of Youth




Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev, Head of the National Committee






In May 2010 the SOFIMUNers had the unique opportunity to experience one of the greatest MUN conferences taking place on the old continent - the remarkable lifetime adventure called Milan International Model Untied Nations.

For 5 days in the period 3rd – 8th of May, the MILMUN Association organized the 5th edition of the conference, simulating 5 organs of the UN and EU system, accompanied by an international journalist team – UN Security Council, UN Human Rights Council, UN Economic and Social Council, International Court of Justice, Council of the European Union and the MILMUN Chronicle Daily News.

MILMUN 2010 conference theme was "Finding the Right Balance: Towards a Global Social Contract" and discussed topics such as the Right to Self-Determination and Security, Human Rights and Anti-Governmental Protests, Discrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation, Implementing a Global Health Programme, Jurisdictional Immunity of Sovereign States, Reforming the EU Labour Market and more.

The SOFIMUN team at MILMUN 2010 was fully involved in the conference and had the great opportunity to experience this notable event in the beautiful building of the Bocconi University under the remarkable expertise and professional guidance of the Secretary-General of MILMUN 2010, Mr. Khaled Gad.

Warmly welcomed by the dear friends of the MILMUN Association, the SOFIMUNers took over the responsibility for the Council of the European Union, chaired by Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev, Executive Director of the SOFIMUN Foundation and Mr. Dino Simonoski Bukovski, Regional manager Balkans of the SOFIMUN Foundation, the International Court of Justice, chaired by Mr. Jose Antonio Villena Sierra, an MUN legend, big friend and supporter of SOFIMUN and SOFIMUN 2008 participant and the Chronicle News, with an editor-in-chief Ms. Paola Ivanova, President of the SOFIMUN Foundation. Chairperson of ECOSOC was a dear friend of SOFIMUN, Mr. Andrei Muresan, and leading the biggest student delegation at MILMUN 2010 from the University of Zurich was another of SOFIMUN’s greatest friends – Ms. Fanny Charmey.

Over 150 participants from all over the world spent one unforgettable week in the fashion and economic capitol of Italy, Milan, experiencing not only excellent academic event, and meetings with specialists in various areas but also rich social program, that included Italian evening, karaoke and many more.

SOFIMUN would like to express its sincere gratefulness to the MILMUN Association and personally to its President, Mr, Victor Henckel von Donnersmarck for this exclusive event, the fantastic experience and his support, to Mr. Khaled Gad, Secretary-General of MILMUN 2010 for his invaluable commitment, consideration and great friendship, to all MILMUN 2010 Chairpersons Alexander Vassiliev, Clara Comellini, Annamae Manning, Giovanna Dughera, Justyna Balbier, Francesco Debolini and Connie Villasmil for their commitment and professionalism, to Mr. Luca Marco Giraldin, Conference Manager for his attention, devotion and support, to Mr. Michael Silva for his expertise and help, to the MILMUN 2010 ExCom for their hard work and to all participants at MILMUN 2010 for the fabulous time spent together- an unforgettable week under the blue sky of Italy!




The MILMUN Chronicle Daily team at MILMUN 2010, led by Ms. Paola Ivanova and Mrs. Connie Villasmil




The MILMUN 2010 participants with the organizers and chairpersons - over 100 participants.






BBLF & USA & UK = "Corporate Social Responsibility and Green Initiatives" conference

The SOFIMUN Foundation together with Rotaract Club Sofia International attended the "Corporate Social Responsibility and Green Initiatives" conference that took place in the Embassy of the United States of America in Sofia, Bulgaria. Ambassador James Warlick was one of several dignitaries who brought attention to Corporate Social Responsibility and Green Initiatives at an event which took place on April 21. The event was a joint initiative of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum, the Embassy of the United Kingdom, and the Embassy of the United States. While considering the variety of challenges currently facing the Government of Bulgaria, Ambassador Warlick said that the most important energy-related issue was the government’s decisions on improving energy efficiency in Bulgaria. On his part, British Ambassador Steve Williams said that we should see climate change as an opportunity to act and should not been seen simply as a threat. A variety of other speakers from the public and private sector shared their expertise with the audience that filled the embassy’s spacious and energy-friendly atrium. The SOFIMUN Foundation was presented by Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev and Mr. Boris Tassev.

The included photos are courtesy of the US Embassy to Sofia, Bulgaria.



Ms. Maria Shishkova, Chair of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum, greets the guests at the opening of the "Corporate Social Responsibility and Green Initiatives" conference




Deputy Sofia City Mayor Maria Boyadzhiyska discusses with participants Sofia Municipality's commitment to energy efficiency at the conference







The SOFIMUN Foundation is proud of the fact that the first Bulgarian Secretary-General is to begin active work in 24 hours time when on April 7 2010 in the beautiful city of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) the 2nd edition of MOSTIMUN (Mostar International Model United Nations) will commence. The first Bulgarian SG is Ms. Kristina Kovacheva who is an active member of the SOFIMUN Foundation. The SOFIMUN Foundation sponsored and supported the 1st edition of MOSTIMUN back in 2009 and now the conference is steadily approaching more and more participants in the region and beyond the continent.

The SOFIMUN Foundation wishes Ms. Kristina Kovacheva - the first Bulgarian MUN SG a farewell trip to the high peaks of professionalism.



Ms. Kristina Kovacheva - the first Bulgarian MUN SG




1st edition of MOSTIMUN (2009)






UN - EU meeting, hot debates, best delegate awards and reunions - up north at BISMUN

The SOFIMUN European tour marked the end of March with a visit to our friends and neighbors, the organizers of the Bucharest International Model United Nations conference – BISMUN 2010. The Bucharest MUN conference was held for a second time this year between 25th and 29th of March with remarkable success, managing to gather 180 participants and meet the UN and the EU, with simulation of 5 UN bodies and 1 organ of the EU system. The UN bodies namely Security Council, Human Rights Council, ECOSOC, 1st and 2nd Committee of the GA met the challenge to discuss some of the hottest topics of today’s international relations – the crisis between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Iran’s nuclear program, private military forces, poverty eradication and the global economic crisis, forced labor and the external debt of developing countries, Zimbabwe’s educational crisis and the right of self-determination in Western Sahara.

At BISMUN, the SOFIMUN team was provided with a supreme honor by the respective Secretary-General of 2010’s edition, Mr. Constantinos Spiliakos from Greece - to preside over 4 of the 6 simulated bodies. The BISMUN Security Council was chaired by Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev, founder of SOFIMUN and executive director of the SOFIMUN Foundation; the 1st committee of the GA, the DISEC was chaired by Ms. Irina Botea, SOFIMUN 2009 participant; the Human Rights Council was chaired by Ms. Roxana Calarasu, SOFIMUN 2009 participant; the Council of the European Union and President of the EU for BISMUN was Mr. Andrey Stoichev, SOFIMUN 2010 chairperson of the European Parliament, SOFIMUN organizer for 2008 and 2009, manager of the Financial division of the SOFIMUN Foundation.

Among the BISMUN organizers and participants were also prominent SOFIMUNers and members of the 2010 Secretariat – the Deputy Secretary-General, Ms. Ana-Maria Enache, SOFIMUN 2008 participant, Mr. Mihnea Stoica, SOFIMUN 2010 chairperson of the HRC, participant in 2008 and 2009, founder of NAPOMUN, Ms. Rodica-Maria Lazar, SOFIMUN 2009 participant, Mr. Marin Aeschbach, SOFIMUN 2010 Editor in Chief and 2009 participant, Ms. Paola Ivanova, founder of SOFIMUN and president of the SOFIMUN Foundation, and others.

SOFIMUN’s successful participation at BISMUN 2010 sums up in 4 chaired bodies and two best delegate awards – for Ms. Paola Ivanova as best delegate at the Security Council, representing France, and for Mr. Mihnea Stoica as best delegate of the Human Rights Council, representing Spain.

The SOFIMUN team was warmly welcomed in the beautiful city of Bucharest by the BISMUN organizers and provided with the chance to be part of a great conference, offering to its participants not only challenging debates, but also great social program – international night, Romanian traditional night, cartoon night, a special evening with the diplomatic corps, lectures and visits by authorities.

SOFIMUN expresses its gratefulness and admiration to the BISMUN 2010 organizers; to Mr. Constantinos Spiliakos, Secretary-General of BISMUN 2010 for the support, friendship, and attention, to Mr. Vahe Hovakimyan, president of the BISMUN Association and President of the GA at BISMUN 2010 for the great attention, organization and commitment; to the BISMUN chair board for their professionalism; to Ms. Sophia Saouridou and Mr. Mladen Vuksanovic for their big support and friendship; to Ms. Ana-Maria Enache and Mr. Alexandru Florescu for their uphold and professionalism; to the BISMUN 2010 delegates for the hot debates and the hard work; to all our dear friends with which we reunite and the new ones we met during this remarkable conference!

Multumesc foarte mult dragi prieteni!



At the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Mr. Cosmin Boiangiu, Director of UNO and Specialized Institutions Directorate




At the Diplomatic Club of Bucharest with foreign dignitaries and Romanian state officials at a special dinner for the BISMUN 2010 event






UN Headquarter, lake, clocks, banks and SOFIMUN – visiting Geneva and GIMUN

In the period March 13th and March 20th, Geneva hosted one of the oldest MUN conferences in Europe- the Geneva International Model United Nations conference, held for 11th time in 2010. This year the SOFIMUN team had the great opportunity to be part of this really remarkable experience. The GIMUN 2010 conference offered to its over 200 participants the possibility to participate in 6 UN committees of which two were chaired by SOFIMUN people - the Human Rights Council, led by Ms. Paola Ivanova, founder of SOFIMUN and president of the SOFIMUN Foundation, and the 2nd Committee of the GA, ECOFIN, led by Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev. What made the GIMUN experience unique once again, for 11th year in a row, was the place and the great variety of possibilities provided – held in the UN Headquarters in Geneva, GIMUN is one of the few bilingual conferences, offering to the interested participants many fields to express their abilities. 12 chairs, 6 committee assistants, 2 Secretary-Generals and 2 Deputy Secretary-Generals were responsible for the 6 UN committees, over 15 simultaneous and consecutive interpreters were building the connections between the delegates in French and English, a team of over 20 people ensured the smooth organization and implementation of the conference for more then 200 participants and around 10 ambassadors (state or international organizations representatives) from all parts of the world. The GIMUN general topic this year was “Human Security” under the definition of the UNDP, interconnected in all 6 committees of the conference - the Security Council, the Human Rights Council, the 1st Committee of the GA, the 2nd Committee of the GA, the Peacebuilding Commission, the ECOSOC. Among the GIMUN topics were climate change, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Gaza Strip and the religious freedoms, gender and public health, Western Sahara, arms trade treaty, Liberia, Sierra Leone, terrorism financing and international trade.

The SOFIMUN team and all other GIMUN 2010 participants had the unique opportunity to not only explore the beautiful city of Geneva and its remarkable lake, the Swiss notable banks and clocks, but mostly to have daily sessions in the UN Headquarter halls and to attend part of the sessions of the UN Human Rights Council, holding a meeting during the GIMUN conference.

SOFIMUN expresses its admiration to the GIMUN 2010 organizers and its gratitude to Mr. Faraz Merchant and Mr. Vikhram Singh, Secretary-Generals 2010 for the great work and attention; to Ms. Fanny Charmey and Mr. Antoine Prokos for the great friendship and invaluable help, to Ms. Tenzom Norgay and Mr. Roman Kesseli for their remarkable support and commitment; to the GIMUN chair board for their professionalism; to the GIMUN 2010 Executive Committee and the GIMUN Association for their very hard work and, and to all the GIMUN 2010 participants and new SOFIMUN fiends!

Nous vous remercions pour la grande experience!



The hall of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization in the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.




The Secretariat of the Geneva International Model United Nation 2010 after the closing ceremony on March 20 2010.






El tiempo de nuestras vidas - SOFIMUN visits Salamanca and MUNUSAL

Between 8th and 13th of March 2010, SOFIMUN has been provided with the exclusive honor to be part of one of the most successful MUN conferences in Europe- the MUNUSAL, Salamanca International Model Untied Nations conference. MUNUSAL was organized for third time in 2010, offering to its participants the opportunity to be part of 3 UN bodies– Security Council, Human Rights Council and ECOSOC and the MUNUSAL’s unique special committee for the Spanish-speaking world – the Ibero-American Summit. For the first time in the Europe’s MUN history, MUNUSAL also held a simulation of the African Union, the intergovernmental organization of the African states – an extremely successful idea brought to life by one of the most prominent MUNers and UN supporters, the respective Secretary-General of MUNUSAL 2010, Mr. Conrad Rein from Germany. Mr. Rein provided SOFIMUN with the great honor to entrust 3 of the 5 simulated bodies at the conference to our team – the Security Council of MUNUSAL, led by Ms. Alexandra Matei, participant at SOFIMUN 08 and 09 and founder of NAPOMUN, the Human Rights Council led by Ms. Paola Ivanova, founder of SOFIMUN and president of the SOFIMUN Foundation, and the African Union, led by Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev, founder of SOFIMUN and executive director of the Foundation. Among the participants in the MUNUSAL organs were prominent SOFIMUNers and members of the conference team such as the SOFIMUN 2010 chair of the Security Council, Mr. Plinio Limata, Mr. Dan Ungureanu, SOFIMUN participant in 2008 and 2009 and founder of NAPOMUN, Ms. Rodica-Maria Lazar, SOFIMUN 2009 participant, Mr. Tom Zapletal, SOFIMUN 2009 participant, and others.

Among the MUNUSAL 2010 topics were the Zimbabwean power Sharing Agreement, food production and trade, food security and the primary role of the education, the environmental refugees and the repressions in Latin America, the water security and women in post-conflict areas.

In Salamanca, our team was warmly welcomed by a great friend of SOFIMUN, known as the godfather of MUNUSAL, a real MUN legend and our dear friend, Mr. Jose Antonio Villena– Pepe, SOFIMUN participant of 2008, Secretary-General and chairperson of over 20 MUN conferences across the world.

The SOFIMUN team expresses its greatest gratitude for the remarkable work to the MUNUSAL 2010 organizers, Mr. Javier Sierra Pierna and his fantastic team; to the MUNUSAL Secretary-General, Mr. Conrad Rein for his invaluable help and commitment; to the fantastic MUNUSAL chair board - Ms. Alexandra Matei, Mr. Diego Senoner, Ms. Flavia Dobre, Mr. Thomas Reese, Mr. Omar El Helw, Mr. Carl-Georg Plum, Mr. Alain Pescador and Ms. Maria Llopis; to Mr. Jose Antonio Villena and Ms. Soledad Rodriguez for their remarkable hospitality, help, attention and friendship; to all the great friends we reunite and met during this exclusive Spanish experience - truly, MUNUSAL was el tiempo de nuestras vidas!
Muchas gracias usted es fantástico!



The Secretariat and the chief-organizer of the 2010 edition of MUNUSAL at the historic building of the University of Salamanca.




The participants of MUNUSAL 2010 in front of the University of Salamanca - over 150 participants from many states.






SOFIMUN ready for the new year!

Today was the first work day for the year 2010.




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