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Projects realized by the SOFIMUN International Foundation

The SOFIMUN Foundation implements and realizes project on a regular basis. Here are some of them:


The Sofia International Model United Nations Conference

The international students’ conference “Sofia International Model United Nations” – SOFIMUN, is the biggest summer summit in Bulgaria for young specialists from Europe and the world. The event is held on annual basis, each year in July and gives a platform for over 180 young professionals of over 50 nations to work on issues and problems of the agenda of the United Nations organization. During the conference, the participants take on the roles of real diplomats and take part in debates, consultations, developing decisions and resolutions over current world issues.

The SOFIMUN Conference is part of the very popular traditional conferences, organized in over 30 world cities. SOFIMUN and all other conferences of this kind are annual academic meetings of young leaders from the diplomatic, politic, economic, international relations and journalistic spheres. Each year SOFIMUN gathers the most prospective young specialists in the world - BA, MA and PhD students from different universities and institutes, junior specialists in diplomatic missions, missions of international organizations, media companies and humanitarian organizations. The aim of the SOFIMUN conference and to the other similar ones is the exchange of experience between professionals of different spheres in a unique multicultural surrounding; the advanced knowledge over diplomacy, political and social sciences; the contact with senior specialists in mentioned fields by lectures, seminars, receptions.

Website of 2015: www.2015.sofimun.org

Website of 2014: www.2014.sofimun.org

Website of 2013: www.2013.sofimun.org

Website of 2012: www.2012.sofimun.org

Website of 2011: www.2011.sofimun.org

Website of 2010: www.2010.sofimun.org

Website of 2009: www.2009.sofimun.org

Website of 2008: www.2008.sofimun.org


I-MUN Media Portal

I-MUN is an online based media portal for all events, conferences and projects organized worldwide in which the young people are the main participants. I-MUN is a project that is realized on the basis of cooperation between NGOs, organizers of youth activities and participants and also provides a place for participants and organizers to share news and personal opinion on the youth activities worldwide. The portal is created especially for conferences of MUN and MEU type to help them popularize and/or contribute to their popularity, recruit participants and facilitate the information flow between organizers, and with potential delegates. similar. I-MUN is a project that is realized on the basis of cooperation between NGOs, organizers of youth activities and participants.

Website: www.i-mun.com


The UNPA Campaign

The Campaign for the Establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) is a global network of parliamentarians and non-governmental organizations advocating citizen's representation at the United Nations.

At the Campaign's launch in April 2007 at more than one dozen events on five continents an international "Appeal for the Establishment of a UN Parliamentary Assembly" was published. In April 2009 the Campaign issued a "Call for Global Democratic Oversight of International Financial and Economic Institutions". The Campaign's statements are supported by 3170 individuals from 136 countries, among them 671 members of parliament, and 205 NGOs from all around the world.

The first international conference was convened in November 2007 in the Palais des Nations in Geneva under the patronage of former UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali. The second international conference was held in November 2008 in the European Parliament.

The SOFIMUN Foundation has been given the exclusive honor to be the coordinator of this newest UN campaign for Bulgaria and took over the responsibility to promote it not only on national, but also on international level, among government institutions, partners and perspective young leaders.

Global website: www.unpacampaign.org

SOFIMUN Foundation campaign website (Bulgarian language): www.unpa.sofimun.org


The Nikola Dymkoff Project

Nikola Dymkoff is a Bulgarian engineer and notable public figure, author of the book “Star of Concord” (“Etoile de la Concorde”) - project for the creation of a world organization which will ensure peace, stability, scientific and cultural development between nations and of the mankind. Dymkoff completes his work in and publishes in French, German, Turkish and Greek. Through the foreign embassies in Constantinople, he manages to send the book to many world leaders, including the American president Thomas Wilson. According to Wilson’s biographer, Baker, based on this book, the president later creates his notable 14 points for peace of the world, which are now popular as the foundations of the United Nations.

Dymkoff’s project is a result of his personal disillusionment with the wars as a way to attain political objectives. He proposed the creation of a world organization of accord and friendship, to be administered by a Standing council. And he divided this council into three – political, religious and legal, whose members would be unconditionally independent. The progressiveness of his ideas noted by president Wilson turns Dymkoff’s dream is reality- the United Nations. Now Dymkoff is recognized as the forefather of the organization, thus very little is known about him. The popularization of the remarkable contribution of Nikola Dymkoff to the world is one of the SOFIMUN Foundation projects.

Website: www.nd.sofimun.org


The UN House

The UN house is a web based project for popularization of the UN symbols and ideas. It is the first internet campaign that brings the UN symbols online and gives the ability to every person do download the signs and symbols + documents of the UN Organization.

It offers to the interested to download the Charter of the United Nations, the UN flag, the UN logo, the UN anthem, to learn more on the UN building in New York, to read the Universal Declaration for Human Rights, as well as basic facts on UN.

Website (Bulgarian language version): www.unhouse.sofimun.org


SOFIMUN News Network

The SNN is the official media of the Sofia International Model United Nations conference. SNN is a unique media project, launched for the first time on the second SOFIMUN conference in July 2009. It is developed by the SOFIMUN Foundation to keep all participants in the conference, partners, sponsors, interested people informed about the latest events and developments in the various forums and lobbying areas present on the SOFIMUN conference.

SNN is a new generation media, broadcasting entirely online with text, pictures and video. It is the first MUN media that launches news online following the latest tendencies in web media field. By doing so, the SNN become the very first MUN media that is able to inform at first hand 24/7 for all developments on the conference and provide its visitors with constant access and update of the event’s content. As part of the conference bodies, the media works with its own team of journalists, editor-in-chief, photograph, ICT. The uniqueness of this project is supplemented by the variety of media it represents. SNN is structured as a web press center, where representatives of different global media broadcast the latest news, write analyses, take interviews and make reportages. In SNN, the interested participants can choose to represent one of 10 world media in 7 languages, such as BBC, DW, Xinhua, Al Arabiya, to step in the shoes of real journalists from those media while at the same time provide their own view and have a realistic insight into the international journalism and the media influence over the global affairs.

Website: www.snn.sofimun.org


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